Jennifer Joiner

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Studies: York University, Visual Arts BFA program to 1994; courses at Toronto School of Art and Ontario College of Art.  University of Toronto: Honours BA cum laude, major English Literature (1980), and MA program in Literature (1981),  followed by a decade each in publishing and teaching including acquisitions for educational publishers and course director positions at York University teaching critical skills, and at George Brown College and Seneca College teaching English Literacy and Western Art History. 

Exhibitions: After showing in six York University galleries (two solo), exhibitions include those at Rebecca Gallery (solo), The Newman Gallery, John B. Aird Gallery (Jurors’ Award), Music Gallery, Back Lane Studio (solo), Mahon Hall in Ganges, BC (two shows, in each a Jurors’ Award), The Art Bar and Main Library (solo) in Guelph, fundraisers, and large Toronto exhibitions and art tours, Bloor West, Distillery District, and the most recent, Riverdale ArtWalk in June, 2022.  

Some of my additional work under the heading ‘Artists’ on this site.

Rabbit, basswood, watercolour painted sculpture, 2023

Paintings 2020-2023

Cliffside    20x16 in.     oil on canvas    2023

Rocks and Lake     20x16 in.     oil on canvas     2023

Wheatfield      6x9 in.    watercolour on paper    2023

Green Scene        14x14 in.     oil on canvas      2022

 Disappear   14x14 in.     oil on canvas      2022

Mists      10x10 in.     oil on canvas      2022

Coastal       10x10 in.      oil on canvas      2022     

The Clearing      20x16 in.     acrylic on canvas     2022

Dialectic      28x22 in.    acrylic on canvas      2022

Echo     40x30 in.    oil on wood panel      2022

Stories       12x16 in.   oil on canvas      2022

Seated Man       10x8 in.   oil on canvas     2022

Out of the North, the Snowy Owl    36x48 in.(diptych)   oil on canvas      2022

Greeting     14x11 in.  oil on canvas       

The Lyre of Megiddo    24x24 in.   oil on canvas        SOLD in 2022

Skateboard Moon    40x48 in.  oil/acrylic on canvas       

Big Wave Rising  24x24 in.   oil/acrylic on canvas    SOLD in 2022

Knock Twice     24x30 in.   oil on canvas       

Punk (with Michael Clark)  18x14 in.   oil on canvas   

Threading the Blue Duck     16x20 in.   oil on canvas      

Submariner    14x18 in.  oil on canvas     

Going Camping    11x14 in.  oil on canvas     

Going Sailing    11x14 in.  oil on canvas       

Dying Light    26x24 in.   oil on birch panel         

To Destroy, 2022     9x9 in.  oil on canvas      SOLD in 2022

Darkness Descends    9x9 in.  oil on canvas       

Translated   9x9 in.    oil on canvas        

The Soldier    9x9 in.    oil on canvas       

Rio Grande (Where Can We Go?)   20x20 in.   oil on canvas       

Terrorized      18x14 in.   oil on canvas board  

Green Fusion   14x11 in.  oil on canvas     SOLD in 2022

Son of the Sea  20x16 in.  oil on canvas       

The Sun, the Moon, and the Truth  20x16 in.  oil on canvas    

Morning Star  20x16 in.   oil on canvas       

The Tenor   20x16 in.   oil on canvas        

Noble Spirit    20x16 in.   oil on canvas        

Venus Rising    20x16 in.   oil on canvas      

Thunderstorm July 13     11x14 in.   oil on canvas        

Selected Paintings 2016-2019

Hatched   16x20 in.   oil on canvas          

Reservoir     16x20 in.   oil on canvas        

Lattice Green     16x20 in.  oil on canvas      SOLD in 2022

Andalusian Dance   16x20 in.    oil on canvas   

Pearl River    16x20 in.    oil on canvas       

Tranquility   24x18 in.   oil on canvas        

Return of Light    14x11 in.   oil on canvas       

Study in Red    18x14 in.   oil on canvas           

The Wind is Up    18x14 in.  oil on canvas board    

Skies Clearing     18x14 in.  oil on canvas board    

Waiting   18x14 in.  oil on canvas board      

Looking Back   18x14 in.  oil on canvas board