Jennifer Joiner

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live/work studio and shared large studio in Lakeshore Village Artists’ Co-op since 2017, Toronto

My work is an effort and struggle with the vicissitudes and promise of life, and with assaying meaning, handling materials, and developing skill within my relatively small and up-to-now secure existence in Ontario, Canada.   My privilege has been to try in several sustained periods since the mid-90s the practise of artmaking and to share results online here and in group shows plus a number of solo shows over the years, and with those collectors who have bought or who have been gifted.

Selected Exhibitions Toronto: LVAC Gallery 2023, Riverdale ArtWalk 2022, Rebecca Gallery 2019/1996, Back Lane Studio 2018, Bloor West Village studio exhibitions 1999-2005, Distillery District ArtFest 2006, Neilson Park Creative Centre 2014; The Newman Gallery, Music Gallery, John B. Aird Gallery/The Ontario Society of Artists - OSA annual exhibition (juror choice award) 1995; York University: Samuel J. Zacks, Arthur Haberman, IDA(honourable mention)1993/1994.  Guelph:  Necessary Arts Company 2016, The Art Bar/Art on the Street 2017;  Ganges, BC: Salt Spring Artist Alliance, Mahon Hall guild exhibitions (two juror choice awards)1997/1998.
Studies:  BFA Visual Arts, York University 1991-1994; OCA (OCADU) & Toronto School of Art courses 1989-1991; Goldsmith College courses, London UK 1978-1979.  University of Toronto Honours BA cum laude 1980; U of T Graduate Faculty courses 1980-1981, English Literature; George Brown College General Carpentry, 1981-1982.  Plus work and learning in renovations contracting, educational publishing corporations, and in education,
post-secondary teaching.

available from watercolour series, 2023 - 2024

Thailand Mountain Garden     8.5x11.5 in.   watercolour/ink     2024

Phrae, Thailand Wat   7.5x9.5 in.   watercolour/ink    2024

Five Lakes Brook   5x7 in.  watercolour   2024

Old Bagan Pagodas, Myanmar    9x11.5 in.   watercolour   2024

Northern Thailand   8.5x12 in.   watercolour   2024

Chiang Mai Wat  9x12 in.  watercolour  2024

Prince Edward County   9x12 in.  watercolour   2024

Pai Hot Springs 1   9x12 in. watercolour  2024

Pai Hot Springs 2    12x9 in. watercolour   2024

Pai Hot Springs 3   9x12 in. watercolour   2024

View from Kalm Village Crafts Center, old city Chiang Mai   5x7 in.  watercolour  2024

Pai Rooftops 1    9x12 in.   watercolour   2024

Pai Rooftops 2    9x12 in.  watercolour   2024

Mountainside Garden, Pai   9x12 in.  watercolour   2024

Across the Valley, Pai   9x12 in.  watercolour  2024

North Bay Hotel Pool   7.5x10 in.   watercolour    2024

Portrait of a Pomeranian Cairn Terrier  7x5 in. watercolour  2024

Archer   11x7 in.   watercolour  2024

Calla Lilies 1   16x12 in.  watercolour  2024

Calla Lilies 2   16x12 in.  watercolour  2024

Birdhouse  16x12 in.  watercolour  2024

Model in Green  12x9 in.  watercolour  2023

Model in Mauve  16x12 in.  watercolour  2023

Wheat Field   6x9 in.  watercolour  2023

Abstract  5x7 in.  watercolour  2023

Untitled    5x7 in.   watercolour   2023

available from oil paintings series - up through 2024

Echo   40x30 in.  oil on birch panel  2023

Forest Meadow  20x16 in.  oil on canvas  2023

Let’s Compare   27x22 in.  oil on canvas   2023

Life Study Golden   14x11 in.  oil on canvas  2023

Life Study Pink   10x10 in.   oil on panel  2023

Orange Tarp   24x30 in.  oil on canvas   2023  

By the Lake   20x16 in.  oil on canvas  2022

Knock Twice  24x30 in.  oil on canvas    2021

Punk Dance  18x14 in.  oil on canvas  2021

Submariner   14x18 in.  oil on canvas   2020

Dying Light  26x24 in.   oil on birch panel   2020   

Darkness Descends  9x9 in.  oil on canvas   2022

Combat  9x9 in.  oil on canvas   2022 

The Soldier   9x9 in.  oil on canvas  2022

Son of the Sea  20x16 in.  oil on canvas   2022

The Sun, the Moon, and the Truth  20x16 in.  oil on canvas  2022

Morning Star  20x16 in.  oil on canvas   2022 

The Tenor  20x16 in.  oil on canvas    2022    

Noble Spirit  20x16 in. oil on canvas   2022    

Venus  20x16 in.   oil on canvas   2022 

Young Migrant Family at the Rio Grande    20x20 in.  oil on canvas  2022

Blue Nile   24x18 in.   oil on canvas   2018 

Green Crescent   30x24 in.  oil on birch panel  2021

Last Winter  36x30 in.  oil on canvas  2020

Chalk Horse   18x24 in.  oil on canvas  2018 

Cornelus Ferus - Desert of Lop (newborn)  40x40in  oil on canvas  2012-2021

Owl    basswood  2023

Rabbit   basswood   2023

Owl and Mouse   basswood  2013

from works sold and gifted: no longer available

Green Fusion  oil  2021    sold

Greeting   oil  2021   sold

Moon Shadow  oil   2023     gifted

8th Street Skatepark   oil   2021     gifted

The Lyre of Megiddo  oil   2022    sold

The Man Who Sat Down   oil   2018    sold

White Room  oil   2014    gifted

Pink   oil   2021    sold

Big Wave Crashing   acrylic/oil   2021   sold

Going Camping   oil   2021   sold

Going Sailing   oil  2021   sold

Peace   oil   2023    gifted

Twilight 1  oil  2023   gifted

Twilight 2   oil   gifted

Gathering   oil  2023   gifted

Study in Red   oil  2021  gifted

Thunderstorm, July 13   oil   2021    gifted

Lakeshore and Sky   oil   2022   sold

Rosewood   oil  2020    sold

Shade Garden  oil  2021   sold

Threading the Blue Duck   oil   2020   gifted

Seagull   oil   2022   sold

Tophat  oil   2022   sold

Papers Flying   oil  2022   gifted

Madonna   oil   2020   sold

Winter Street   oil   2021   sold

Schoolchildren   oil   2018   gifted

Untitled    watercolours    gifted

With Branches   oil   2018    sold

Veiled   oil   2018    gifted

Cosmic Fruit   oil    2018    sold

Fantasy Garden   oil    2021   sold

Reflections   oil   2014    sold

Lake at Night   oil  2014   gifted

Green Wave   oil   2014   gifted

Fountain   oil   2016   gifted

Shadows   oil   2015    gifted

Dance    oil   2015   sold

Circus   oil    2015  sold

Studio Peonies  oil   2015   gifted

Sunflowers   oil   2016   sold

Tulips   oil   2015   gifted

Fruit Bowl   oil   2014   gifted

Archer   oil   2018   gifted

Bandit    oil   2018    gifted

12 Moons    oil    2015    sold

Three    oil    2015   sold

Demonstration   oil    2015    sold

Woodland Birdhouse   oil   2011    gifted

Green Lattice   oil   2019   sold

Hatched    oil   2019   gifted

Andalusian Dance   oil  2019   sold

Pearl River   oil   2019   gifted

City  Lights    oil    2019    sold

from archived works

Untitled   ink and watercolour    1993

Untitled    watercolour    1993

Untitled   ink   1994   

Greg in the Studio with Tulips   oil    2020

Greg Reading   oil  2018   

Posing in the Studio    oil   2020

Greg Malszecki 1945-2020    oil    2020

Self-portrait  after El Greco    oil   1994/2020  

Self-portrait, Black & White    oil     2020

Self-portrait after Holbein    pencil    2023

Jenny   charcoal   1993 

Long Pose    charcoal    1993

Very Still Long Pose     charcoal    1993

Rocky 17 and ill     ink    2014

Archer Sitting    oil    2022

Plan for Shed/Doors    charcoal/watercolour   1994   Honourable Mention, York IDA Gallery 

selected, commissioned work

After Ana Popescu pool scene painting, Homes Series    oil   2020

Large Painting, Caribbean Theme    oil    2014   commissioned movie prop