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Statement for the June 2019 show “We Are a Part of Something” at Rebecca Gallery

“The abstract paintings in this show are a creation of geometric patterns from both chance and order, of luminous plays of colour, and a softness of focus that describe ‘no place,’ nothing, and yet reveal an abstracted place in the midst of our reality.  We desire to shape and order all that we know and believe but, in the end, this is a futility and impossibility except to understand that ‘we are a part of something’ that is connected to the world.”

Pearl River

Notes for “We Are A Part of Something” 

The grids in this series of paintings are an organizing feature and thematic. Grids deny a narrative, a story with representation; these grids are defined by colour, line, balance, composition, repetition, movement, texture.    And if not meaning with a narrative, there is meaning in this visual language of abstraction, in these compositions. 

I see the grid as structure can be an emblem of the material world that we seem to understand as constructed systems and natural laws.   Yet glimpses of not understood, of the mysteries and strangeness of the universe means uncertainty.   These paintings embody a dichotomy of order and design in the grid plus elements of chance and improvision in paint handling and sometimes random choice in colour and line.  

In the Arms of an Angel

These works have plays of colour and composition that describe ‘no place,’ nothing, and yet reveal a feeling of place.  The ‘landscape’ orientation can be read as having a horizon; several titles suggest landscape.   In the Inuktitut language the word ‘kitjaqnaaq’ refers to the feeling we have of connection to the world beyond us when standing before a glorious landscape, that “we are a part of something.”  These paintings are meditations, not sublime landscape, but they do ask you to fall into their worlds. 


From Below

Our desire to shape and order as much as possible finds, in the end, a resistance, a futility, and a place of annihilation.  Yet we now live in this world, our world as we perceive it - “we are a part of something” larger or  small, just as we are, and only as our perception allows this understanding. 

Jennifer Joiner
June 2019

Last orange grove in Anaheim, September 2018