Jennifer Joiner
Toronto artist

New series

Series 2017 - 2019









Pearl River

Notes for “We Are A Part of Something”   June 2019 exhibition,
Rebecca Gallery, Toronto

The grids in this series of paintings are an organizing feature and also thematic. Grids deny a narrative story through representation.  These painted grids vary by colour, line, balance, composition, repetition, movement, texture to produce meaning in this abstract visual language. 

Thematically, the grid as structure can be emblematic as order and design in the natural world.   We also find patterns of the grid in the the constructions of a human-made world.   Another dichotomy is the orderliness of the grid yet an improvisational use in these paintings of colour choice and line, painting by chance and by design together.  The mysteries and strangeness of the universe means uncertainty even while discovering and naming order.

In the Arms of an Angel

These works describe ‘no place,’ nothing, and yet reveal a feeling of place.  The ‘landscape’ orientation can be read as having a horizon.  In the Inuktitut language the word ‘kitjaqnaaq’ refers to the feeling we have of connection to the world beyond us when standing before a glorious landscape, that “we are a part of something.”  These paintings are meditations on landscape.



Our ability to shape, order and fully understand the world and universe is in the end a futility.  But living in the world that we can understand from our perceptions, we feel that we are a part of something, however large or  small.

Jennifer Joiner
June 2019

With Branches

Last orange grove in Anaheim, September 2018